T & C s

Terms and Conditions

By accessing the "Black@” Telegram, online communities, or any of their affiliated chat groups, you agree to the following:

1. You understand that this is a Black space. We created Black@ to connect Black founders, funders, creatives, and collaborators online and offline. If you choose to join this private group chat, you yourself identify as Black, African American or any other group that would classify you as Black.

2. You will be civil and respectful. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bad behavior including witch hunting, harassment, racism, hate speech, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, etc.

3. No self-promotion or spam. We understand and promote working together however, promoting your business or general advertising is prohibited without permission from a member of the Core Team.

4. No NSFW content. This includes texts, images, audio or links featuring sex, hard violence or other graphically disturbing content. Remember, one of the main goals of this group is to create and share joy so please be mindful as you share. If you are ever unsure, please consider adding a trigger warning (TW).

We want our members to have peace of mind. Members can feel confident to share personal anecdotes and information that they may not feel comfortable sharing publicly. This means what's said in Black@ stays in Black@. We encourage members to assume good faith and respect others' willingness to share their thoughts without having to worry that it could be used against them. This includes not sharing screenshots, screen recordings, or audio recordings from any of the Black@ channels.

These expectations extend beyond behavior in the Telegram and Discord groups and into all other activities, including social media activity, private interactions between Black@ members, and behavior at events.

Noncompliance with any of these expectations may result in removal from “Black@” as well as the removal of any benefits associated with NFT ownership. Additionally, at its sole discretion, the Black@ Core Team may revoke any and all access for its members at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

By accessing any of the Black@ Telegram or Discord channels, or outside events, you agree to the above and waive any rights to file complaints or suit against Black@, or any of its members or managers.

All conversations within the Black@ Telegram are to be considered “off the record.”